Planning Guidance for Central London (Bloomsbury) - CONSULTATION ENDS 14 DEC 2012.

Camden have updated its Supplementart Planning Guidance. The details can be downloaded from the links in the following communication.

Following the adoption of the Camden Core Strategy and Development Policies Local Development Framework (LDF) documents in November 2010, the Council has been updating its supplementary planning guidance.  This ensures that the guidance, which provides additional detail and information on how we apply our planning policies, is up to date and consistent with the LDF documents.  (You can view the guidance that has already been updated from the link below).

The next part of our supplementary planning guidance to be updated is guidance on food, drink and entertainment uses in Central London (adopted in 2007).  The update will ensure that we can continue to rely on the guidance in planning decisions and appeals.  You can see the current version of the Central London guidance below:

As the Central London area guidance is generally considered to be working well, we do not intend a full scale review or major change to the existing approach but to update the guidance where 2012 survey data suggests this may be needed and to also take the opportunity to make it more concise and easy to use.

We would like to hear your views on the current Central London guidance and how you think it could be updated and improved.  Please can you email any comments by 14 December 2012 to  We intend to consult on a draft of the updated Central London guidance in Spring 2013.



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