About Us

Contact us: info@bloomsburyassociation.org.uk

Formed in 1972 and Incorporating Bloomsbury Community Association.
Promoting Civic Social Responsibility, Quality of Life and the Preservation of our Cultural and Architectural Heritage.

We serve as a voice for the community and independent businesses on matters that include Community Safety, Quality of Life, Licensing, Planning and the Environment.

We are established for the express purpose of furthering the social, economic and environmental well-being of individuals living, working and  studying in Bloomsbury, including individuals that wish to come and live, and or work in Bloomsbury. We also actively promote the physical safety of the millions of people that visit our district.

Bloomsbury has a large academic and business community and we welcome their contribution to the economic prosperity of the area.

We have affiliations with the following organisations and groups and all the local resident groups.  Where these groups have web sites you will find a link in our 'Useful Links' page.
Bloomsbury Improvement Group;
Bloomsbury Joint Security Group;
Bloomsbury Area Action Group;
University of London Union; UCLU;
British Museum Community Liaison Group;
Bloomsbury Safer Neighbourhoods Panel;
West End Community Network;
Resident block associations;
Bloomsbury Village Traders;
Bloomsbury Hoteliers;
Tin Pan Alley Traders Association.

We have close working relations with our neighbouring community associations such as Covent Garden Community Association (CGCA); Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association (FNA); Soho Society; Seven Dials Trust and the West End Community Network and are a founding member of the West End Community Network (London).

The Bloomsbury Association monitors all planning and licensing applications made within an area roughly bounded by Southampton Row/ Woburn Place in the East, High Holborn in the South, Tottenham Court Road in the West and Euston Road in the North.

We may comment of planning and licensing applications outside this boundary if we think they may have an impact on Bloomsbury (positive or nagative).

The Association comments on planning applications with a view to promoting high standards of planning and architecture in the area and to preserve and enhance the historic attributes of Bloomsbury.  We will support applications that we consider will make a positive contribution to the local environmant.

In general we will oppose any late night applications that are outside Camden Council's Framework Hours. We consider that the Licensing Act and how it is interpreted by Camden Council needs to be improved in order that the resident population of Bloomsbury do not suffer the consequences of licensing decisions that we consider to be misplaced.

Partnerships:  We intend to further develop our partnership programme to include other local organisations, groups and associations that have similar interests and aims and where combined liaison, lobbying and representation might achieve more positive results.

Residents of Bloomsbury can apply for membership as Full voting members of the BA. MEMBERSHIP is FREE.
Non-residents with an interest in Bloomsbury may register as Affiliate members. Membership is FREE.
Our registration form can be obtained by emailing us <info@bloomsburyassociation.org.uk>

We update our 'News' section on a regular basis.
All our important public statements and documents are published on this site and we encourage you to comment, criticise and give us feedback.  We will always respond.

We tend to archive files after their sell by date so if you cant find a particular document please check 'Our files' then navigate to 'Archived Files'.