Bloomsbury Festival seeks your support

Bloomsbury Festival 2017 needs your support...
Help us to raise £6,000 for Bloomsbury Festival 2017 

Each year we raise £200,000 to deliver over 200 world class events made within our local community.  With five weeks to go before the Festival, we need your help to raise the last £6,000. 

Why? The Festival makes a difference...

Bloomsbury is famous for its past - but it is buzzing with the future! Did you know that over 50 percent of Bloomsbury residents are under 29 years old?  That 11,000 Londoners, young and old, live here?  Or that Bloomsbury contains significant areas of social deprivation alongside its better known institutions and cultural centres?

A registered charity, Bloomsbury Festival is a community endeavour.  Uniting emerging artists, leading academics, local businesses, nurses, school pupils and elderly residents, the Festival develops skills and creativity, enhances lives and provides opportunities for all.
Here are a few of the things that your contribution will help deliver:
  • A jam-packed festival of free events providing access for all;
  • Development for the very best artists and scientists of the future;
  • Pioneering community outreach projects
  • Collaborations with hundreds of the area's disadvantaged young people
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You can donate any amount you choose to help us reach our fundraising target - genuinely, every penny makes a difference.

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Bloomsbury Festival Pioneers are a group of extraordinary individuals who support Bloomsbury Festival with a donation of £100+ because they share the simple belief that creativity is essential to thriving community life. Become a BF17 Pioneer today by donating £100+. All BF Pioneers will be recognised on our website.
Best wishes,
Kate and all at Bloomsbury Festival
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Licensing AFTER Planning  

It makes good common sense for Councils to consider Licensing AFTER the correct Planning permission has been granted and to refuse to consider a licence application should the correct planning permission not be in place:

We are encouraging Camden Council to follow Hackney's example of encouraging good practice when applying for a licence: 

“...applications for licences should be made after the relevant planning permission has been granted so that proper consideration is given to the impact the use of the premises will have on the surrounding amenities, character and locality.” 

See page 23 of Hackney Council's Licensing Policy document:



West End Project

We attended at Westminster City Hall with other members of the West End Community Network (WECN) at the invitation of TFL on 1st Nov.

This meeting was conviened to brief community groups on the timeline for discussions concerning proposed changes to bus routes, transport systems and improvments to the pedestrian environments throughout the West End.

The Elizabeth Line is anticipated to be opened in Dec 2018 and between now and then we will engage with TFL, Camden, Westminster and the GLA. Initially Oxford Street West will be given priority followed by Oxford Street East.

The BA will engage with these groups through our mmbership of the WECN.


Torrington Place / Tavistock Place route - Consultation

This consultation by Camden Council asks for your views on the current street layout at Torrington Place / Tavistock Place, which was implemented as a trial. We would like your opinion on whether to keep the current layout (with improvements such as wider pavements and stepped cycle tracks) or to remove it completely and return the street to its former, pre-trial layout (with two traffic lanes and a single, two-way cycle track).


You can find further details and the consultation form at this address:

Bloomsbury Safer Neighbourhood Team (BST)

How to contact the Team:

Safer Neighbourhoods Team Bloomsbury

Telephone 020 8721 2693



However, after holding an appeal hearing in October planning inspector David Prentis ruled that concerns by Camden Council and local people about air quality and the impact on the local environment could be adequately managed though planning conditions and a S106 legal agreement. We shall see if this goes ahead
14 Jan 2016: Londons first underground hotel development proposal REFUSED by Camden Council.
 In commenting on the proposal, the Bloomsbury Association have received advice from Waterman Infrastructure & Environment, Sandy Brown Associates, Peter Evans Partnership, Arup, Barton Willmore and the GLA.
We acknowledge support gives by Fitzrovia News, with thanks. 
We particularly wish to thank Roger Wilson, who presented our case to the planning committee in a thoroughly professional manner.

Sincere thanks to all those that supported us. 


Camden Safer Neighbourhood Teams:

Bloomsbury Association Network Map:



Report a problem to Camden Council:

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